Social Media vrs Search Engine Mindsets3 minute read

How you are presenting your business and the way you are advertising should be dependent on where you are showing up to your potential customers.

There is a distinct difference between the mindset of users when they are on social media platforms versus when they are using search engines, and you should adjust your advertising accordingly.

We usually go to social media platforms to be social. Whether that is checking in with friends, posting selfies of ourselves or our dinner, watching videos of cats and any number of other reasons we use them. What we do not use them for, is to buy something. We are often not even thinking about purchasing at that time.

Conversely, when a user is using the search engines such as Google or Bing, they are actively looking for something, and if it is a product, a business to purchase from.

This is a big difference between the mindset of these two types of users.

Unless you are a well known brand, it can be very hard to sell outright, through either organic posts or paid ads on social media channels. With search engines, the opposite is true.

To market your product or service within the search engines is relatively straight forward; have a great SEO strategy in place to make sure you rank well and show up in relevant searches and make it as easy as possible to a potential customer to make a purchase. Speed and ease of use are the kings here.

To successfully market on social media takes a bit of imagination. The process usually takes longer from your initial ad to finally making a sale, but it can be very powerful if done correctly.

This usually involves offering something of value for free which the potential customer ‘opts-in’ to receive – their email address or phone/whatsapp number in exchange for the download. Once you have their details you can then send them on a journey through emails, sales pages, and tasters, which eventually ends at the final sale

How easy or complicated this process is would be dependent on what you are selling, the price point and your market audience.

When looking at which platforms to market on, always take into account of the mindset of the user.

Changing Trends

However, with all that said, a recent survey has shown that like the every-changing trends on the internet, this may no longer hold true, for certain demographics anyway.

According to Google’s own data, almost 40% of people between the ages of 18 and 24 are reaching for TikTok or Instagram when they need to search for something online. 1

This is interesting indeed and it demonstrates the fluidity of the internet and we, as marketers, must also change our thinking or be left behind.


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