The ULTIMATE Digital Package for

Small Business

Everything You Need to Get Online
and in Front of Your Customers

Let us take care of the frustrating tech stuff so you can concentrate on your business.

We create, setup and supply everything that you need to have a solid digital presence for your business and customers.

From creating a professional website to setting up your social media business accounts to regularly creating and scheduling posts on your behalf – and more.

Our Small Business Package Includes All Of The Following:

The Website

Create you a professional


Connect with your potential customers and show off your portfolio. Make it easy to for them to find and contact you, give them your prices and take bookings.

Your professional 5 page website will include the pages of your choice which could typically be:


We will also submit your completed website to the following search services which will accelerate your presence in search:

  • Fast cloud hosting included˚
  • Software license included˚

˚ Included for 12 months. Renewal fees apply.

Your Email


Your Email

to Google Workspace

We will set you up with three professional email addresses using your website domain name, such as

Also included in your package is a 12 month subscription to Google Workspaces˚ 

Your main email address will be accessed through Gmail via Google Workspace. Other email addresses to be accessed via webmail and/or direct settings within your email client.

˚ Included for 12 months. Renewal fees apply.

Search Profile

Social Media

Setup your

Social Media

business accounts

Keep your business in your customer’s minds by regularly posting to your social media business accounts.

We will create and set up your business accounts for the main three social media platforms which connect customers to businesses.

This includes creating your social media logos and cover images if necessary.

To get you going, we will showcase your business with 9 social media posts and then also schedule 2 posts a week for the first 4 weeks.

You then have the option for us to continue managing your social media going forward.


We can work with you


Once we complete creating and setting up all of your different platforms you are not on your own.

We can continue to work with you going forward so you can concentrate on your business.

Services offered:




Because we believe in building a website only once we always build on WordPress.

Unlike other website platforms such as Wix or Squarespace, Wordpress doesn’t have limitations as to what you can do with it.

This means that you can add extra functionality to it in the future without worrying if the platform will support it and hence, having to rebuild everything somewhere else, inevitably, onto WordPress later on.

All our websites are created on WordPress because it can expand and grow with your business, and isn’t that the goal? Growth and expansion! Wordpress can also be hosted where you choose and you aren’t locked into a subscription. 

  • Need a high-functioning online store? No problem.
  • Need to offer online courses? Simple.
  • What about adding floor planners, calculators or quote platforms? Too Easy.

This is why almost half (43.2%) of websites on the internet are created with WordPress.

Simply complete the form below and pay a 15% deposit to hold your place with us.

You will then be directed to book an appointment with our design team to discuss your project in more detail.

No Problem. We can tailor a custom package to suit your requirements. Click the ‘Book a FREE Discovery Call’ button below and we can discuss your project in detail.

We can discuss your requirements during your consultation with us or simply click the ‘Book a FREE Discovery Call’ button below to discuss your requirements beforehand.

Some most requested services:

  • Connect website / business to a CRM platform
  • Email marketing
  • Create a blog / articles section on the website
  • Ecommerce store
  • Taking online payment
  • Appointment systems
  • Ticketing systems
  • Online courses
  • Trade calculators

Or anything else your business requires

You will need to supply all content for your web pages:

  • The font, colour and styling
  • Your logo
  • Headlines and copy
  • Images
  • Icons

We are happy to quote on assisting with any of the above. If you require this, please let us know in your consultation with our design expert.

From us, no.

There will be some ongoing costs with any website. This is often the bit the other web development companies don’t tell you about until it’s too late. Even a free Wix site can end up costing you a lot more than you anticipate.

A self-hosted WordPress website (which these websites are) will require a domain name, a web hosting account (this is a place on the internet that your website files will be located) and licences for the software your specific pages need.

Our Websites come delivered with all software fully licensed for the first 12 months. This is currently valued at $59 yearly. If you request extra functionality there may be additional costs but we will nominate what these are in your additional quote.

We offer website hosting as a part of your options and, of course, you are free to arrange your own. If you choose to stay with us after the first 12 months, the price currently is £249 per year.

Your free subscription to Google Workspace will end after 12 months and it will be up to you to renew if you would like to keep the service.

You are required to have your own domain name.

There are two ways to do this.

Your package comes with a free subscription to Google Workspace where one email address can be accessed through this, via your Gmail app.

The other two email addresses (and the 1st address if you choose) can be added to your phone and computer by adding the email settings directly into your mail app or programs such as Outlook etc. We will send instructions how to do this.

The website does not include functionality which requires a third-party platform. Although we are happy to connect the website to a third-party platform, it is the client’s responsibility to have this purchased first.

Common examples of third-party functionally is:

  • Email CRM
  • Online courses
  • Appointments
  • Booking Systems
  • Ticketing
  • Events
  • Trade calculators e.g. how many tiles required for X size wall

We are happy to advise on any functionally that you require and will discuss in your consultation with us.

After you have completed your order you will be introduced to the team and directed to make an appointment for a consultation to discuss your design and where we will go over the finer details of your project.

If you have further questions, speak to Us


WAS £2,499

ONLY £1,999

Simply pay a 15% deposit to secure your place

Our Small Business Package contains ALL of the following:


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Pay a 15% deposit today to secure your place with us. When payment has been completed you will be directed to make an appointment with our design team to discuss your project in more detail. The remaining balance to be paid within 7 days after this initial design consultation.

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