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An agency with a boutique approach

An agency with a boutique approach

At Digital Startup Solutions we are web developers, marketers, project managers, coaches, copywriters, social media managers, video creators and graphic designers.

The whole emphasis of our business centers around not just doing an awesome job, but empowering our clients to understand what it is we are actually doing!

Our Vision Statement reads –

We aim to address common frustrations experienced by businesses that are establishing their digital presence and marketing campaigns by offering bespoke development, marketing, workshops and one-to-one programs that are easy to understand, empowering, supportive and project-managed to meet the timelines of the business.




A bespoke sales funnel for your client interactions

Social Media


Social Media design rather than Social Media management is a thing. It’s our thing, and it comes without the high price tag and the lock in contracts.

Are you looking for someone to work with you on your social media, rather than taking over? Someone to create or tidy up what you have to share? 

Keeping in touch with your customer is paramount for business owners, which is why we have structured our service to keep you in the picture. With a time commitment for just a one-hour meeting each month, you will be gathering trust and momentum with your customers.  


  • Regularly posting that keeps momentum and improves algorithms.
  • Add to your current team on a casual basis.
  • Have a workable plan for your business with monthly meetings.
  • Control your ad spend or don’t spend at all.
  • Avoid the hype of an agency that overpromises, social media is a long game.
  • Have a reliable contact when you need it.
  • Have images created or provide your own for a little editing.
  • Provide raw video for editing.
  • Scheduling monthly so you can set and forget.
  • Moderation available using friendly but standard answers that gives you time to respond but still providing excellent timely customer service.
  • Ads account set up.

If this is what your business is needing, then we would love to chat and see what we can do to help your thoughts become a reality. You can book a time on our calendar here, the first 30minutes are free, no strings attached!

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Virtual Assistant Services

Find Work-Life Balance

Today, things seem to be moving faster and faster, and we forget no one is supposed to “do it all”. 

Enter technology, with planning and recognition that your time is more valuable spent elsewhere, the services of a Virtual Assistant (VA) can become an equaliser of your work-life balance.

The benefits of a VA are numerous – the largest and most value-adding is no office space or equipment required, and the most obvious is giving you more time in your day with minimal commitment.

At Digital Startup Solutions we recognise that our clients are often too busy to create the documents that they need or are unsure how to format a document, or they have the ideas but none of the creative flare to create documents that look professional and aligned with branding. It may seem like a small element, but to your customers, professional presentation could be the deciding factor of engaging or not engaging with your business.

Perhaps you are looking for quality staff but are frustrated with the time it is taking, at Digital Startup Solutions you have access to a VA with HR and Recruitment experience and knowledge. 

Newsletters, blogs, presentations? No problems, with well over 20 years experience in administration and producing these value elements for a cross secion of industries, you can check this task off your list!

Scheduling and project management is also covered, all life and work jigsaws will be sorted and presented in a clear and concise manner.

We can provide you with month-to-month or casual VA services that include the following;

Our VA services are provided in-house, we do not outsource, so you can be assured of
reliability and understanding of your customer or business.


Casual tasks
We charge a fee based on the complexity of the requirement.
Hourly rate ranges between $35 per hour and $80 per hour.

Ongoing arrangement
If you have an ongoing task that you would like taken care of,
we would be happy to provide you with a competitive quote.





Analyse &





Analyse &

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach and we don’t use a templated way of doing things

First things first, we spend time understanding your business and the direction you are going. We then assist you with all things website design and development, followed by creating a marketing strategy unique for your situation and end goal.

We become a part of your team, getting you results with deserved personalised treatment

We will provide: