Digital Startup Solutions began as a standard web development and marketing company, with the owners having been in the industry since around 2000.

In this time, and with extensive experience of the ups and downs, a pattern of client issues became evident and from there it was decided that Digital Startup Solutions would have a new focus; to provide web development and marketing services without getting caught up in the whimsy of the hype and over-promising that is all too common in an unregulated industry, and a society that wants it NOW.

As developers, we understand how complex a modern online presence and marketing campaign can be, the realistic time line and together with the knowledge of the technicalities of the various platforms required to bring everything together.

Therefore, we decided to take a different business direction with an emphasis on training, hand-holding and empowering the client to take over and make edits/changes themselves and continue creating new campaigns if they so wished.

Mission Statement

Provide a time and cost-effective digital presence and marketing campaign to entrepreneurs, startups and businesses whereby the client can do as much or as little as they wish during the process.

Vision Statement

We aim to address common frustrations experienced by businesses that are establishing their digital presence and marketing campaigns by offering cost-effective, no-BS services, that are easy to understand and are project-managed to meet the timelines of the business.