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Cloud Hosting

To assist with our mantra of “making it as easy as possible for you to get online” we are excited to offer our very own Cloud Hosting packages at affordable prices.

Why Cloud Hosting?

The typical hosting packages offered to the public is an account on a web server that is split between many other customers, sometimes more than 1000.
These accounts are all sharing (and fighting) for the server’s resources; the processor, memory, disk space, and bandwidth. Hence the name ‘Shared Hosting’.

This means slower loading websites for everyone and maximum profits for the host.

Cloud hosting is the direct opposite – it is the customer that is split between different servers.
Multiple physical servers are interconnected and presented to the website as one machine as their resources are distributed dynamically based on the current needs of the website or application.

This equates to your websites being more snappy, responsive and generally quicker overall.

In these times of fighting for people’s attention, a quicker loading website or landing page, even by a second, can make all the difference between users continuing or clicking away.

Our Plans Include:

Australian Servers1
Intuitive Site Tools2
Faster Than Shared Hosting3
Secure Servers4
SSH and FTP Access5
Email Spam Filtering6
SSL Certificates Included7
Dynamic Caching8
4 CPU Cores
8GB Memory
5TB Data Тransfer
Email Support

Our own Shared Server vrs Cloud Hosting Experiences

Like many people, we once started out on shared hosting too. It suited our needs at the time when we were growing.

As we started to run advertising campaigns, landing pages, sales pages and generally receive more traffic through our homepage, it became obvious that we needed to serve these pages quickly, for these main reasons:

  • Users don’t like to hang around.
    It has been well documented that a landing or sales page, especially if the user is coming from social media, has to open quickly… and by quickly we mean milliseconds.
    The longer a page takes to load, the more likely the user won’t wait to hang around.
  • Google
    Google and Bing openly penalise websites with slow load speeds and push them down their rankings.
    They do this as they aim to give their users a great experience and don’t like to direct them to poor-performing websites.
  • Performance
    There are many things we can do to make a website perform better, but only so much if that website is on a slow server.
    No matter what tweaks are made, software added, code written or caches are used, if the foundation is slow, everything else will be slow too.

Below are screenshots from Google PageSpeed Insights before we upgraded to cloud and after

Shared Hosting

Cloud Hosting

NB: This website has cache and performance software added. Both tests were using the same setup.
Every website will have different results depending on its unique requirements. These examples, although very real, are for illustrative purposes only.

  1. By having the servers based in Australia means even faster page load speeds for your users.

  2. You have full access to your account within your personal client portal.
    Once inside you will find intuitive and easy-to-understand tools to run your hosting environment.

  3. Cloud hosting will always result in a faster website over shared and VPS hosting.

  4. Your account uses the highest industry level of security.

  5. You can access your account files using SSH or FTP.
    This is a secure way of giving developers access to to any site files they may need on your server without giving them full server access.
    This is in relation to your Site Tools Dashboard.

  6. Your incoming emails are automatically put through state-of-the-art spam filters.

  7. We provide an unlimited number of free Let’s encrypt certificates.
    All websites hosted within your cloud account get a free Standard SSL enabled.

  8. Speed up your WordPress website through smart dynamic caching and multiple other performance optimizations.