Give Your Best Information Away For Free2 minute read

If there is one recurring conversation that we have with clients, it is trying to explain why they should give away their best information for free.

We get it. This concept seems counterintuitive. If your business is information based, such as offering online courses, then it makes sense in your advertising, social media posts, blog articles, or YouTube videos, to draw your potential customer in enough, and then make them pay for the juicy stuff. This is quite logical, but also not very successful.

Let us explain …

If we are interested in a particular topic, a new hobby perhaps, we most likely go to a platform such as Youtube to search out information. In this example, we shall imagine that we want to learn Skiing, but this could be literally anything.

We first make an initial search about the different types of skies available. There will be review channels or channels by skiing enthusiasts, or maybe even channels by professional skiers. We watch a few different videos, some hook us in and others we click away from.

Initially, we usually settle for a few different channels and enjoy their content.

Ok, so we have checked out the different types of skies, what about the best locations to ski?

So we search for those.

The same process continues and we notice videos from the first channels that we liked, so we watch their videos too. And then we subscribe.

After a short while of doing this, we usually settle for maybe two or three specific channels out of the usually thousands out there on this topic.

These become our ‘go-to’ channels about skiing. We resonate with their style of presenting, their editing, video and sound quality and their overall feel. Most importantly, they are answering our questions and maybe offering extra things for us to think about. What they are not doing however, is holding anything back.

We return to the same channels because they basically tell us everything we want to know. They are creating trust, which is why we keep going back.

If a go-to channel mentions that they offer online courses on skiing for beginners, we are more likely to sign up simply because the trust is there. This is a strange phenomenon, considering all of their content that would be in their premium, paid-for beginners course would also be within their public YouTube videos, albeit filmed slightly differently, but the actual information would be the same.

We, as humans are a lazy bunch and love convenience. There is nothing better than an online course which is laid out in a linear fashion, with all the correct information presented one step after the other, even though that same information is freely available if we could be bothered to search it out ourselves.

Now imagine the opposite scenario. How many YouTube videos do you click away from which doesn’t answer your questions or are obviously holding back. Are those channels revisited? Probably not.


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