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Having been in the game forever, and seen the confusion customers face when purchasing websites, we decided to simplify the whole process.

Don’t get us wrong; we are still delivering professional websites which have longevity and room to expand in whatever direction you need it to go. We are just doing it without the hype. 

Everything is created in-house, here in Australia, by someone who is an expert in WordPress and associated plugins. We use industry-standard software and procedures so you aren’t locked into anything, your website can be hosted anywhere and be amended by anyone. 

You can even get your quote straight away by going through the easy step-by-step process below.





Making it as easy as possible for you to get online

1. Show us websites that you like the look and feel of
2. Tell us how many internal pages you require
3. Add extras if necessary

Leave the rest to us to create your website based around your design cues

Point us to a few example websites that you like the look and feel of.

Tell us the particular aspects that you love, or would like us to stay away from and we will then take your inspiration and create a website based around these design cues.

About us

Who are we?

Digital Startup Solutions is a web development and marketing agency run by partners Matt and Linke.

Matt has been a web developer for the past 18 years. Working within an unregulated industry, Matt understands the importance of transparency and delivering content that empowers his clients. 

Matt specialises in multiple platforms and applications, he is known to be able to get even the most complex systems talking to each other and explain it to you in a way that makes sense.

Linke joined forces with Matt to give customers the ultimate experience in time management and customer service.

With qualifications in Social Media Marketing, Linke can advise, create and oversee your Social Media campaigns and also manage the complexities of your ad accounts.

Linke specialises in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, but if you have a platform of choice she will coach you to be the best online version of yourself.

Matt and Linke also own an online business so they know the pressures that online businesses face on a daily bases. Linke has also had a store front business, so you can be assured that they have a cross reference of experience when working with your business. 

Easy Websites are designed to be a solid foundation with flexiblility that will grow with your business & not lock you into unnecessary contracts.

Responsive for all screen sizes


Because we believe in building a website only once! 

Unlike other website platforms such as Wix or Squarespace, Wordpress doesn’t have limitations as to what you can do with it. This often creates issues down the track, and frustrations when building your website.

All our websites are created on WordPress because it can expand and grow with your business, and isn’t that the goal? Growth and expansion! Wordpress can also be hosted where you choose and you aren’t locked into a subscription. 

  • Need a high-functioning online store? No problem.
  • Need to offer online courses? Simple.
  • What about events, booking and ticketing systems? Too Easy.

Because a WordPress website will scale with your business, you won’t have to rebuild everything later on should you need to add elements or functionality that other website platforms simply do not support.

As web developers we have seen it many times where clients have come to us to rebuild their current website away from Wix and onto WordPress simply because Wix doesn’t support the function that the client now requires as their needs have changed.

This is why almost half (43.2%) of websites on the internet are created with WordPress.

Simply complete the form below and work thorough the options (tick the box, its simple). Your costs will tally as you go, so you can see what our fees are and have a quote at the end.

Step One

  • Send us designs that you like either through a design file or by giving us example websites of particular layouts that you like.

Step Two

  • Tell us how many internal pages you require, such as an ‘About’ page or a ‘Contact’ Page.

Step Three

  • You then have the opportunity to add:
    • A blog
    • An online store (using the WooCommerce platform)
    • A logo designed
    • Social media package
    • Website hosting

Using this method, you know exactly what you are purchasing and you will only pay for the components that you actually need.

If you are unsure or are needing something more substantial we invite you to speak to us first in a FREE consultation. 

Of course!

Simply select the ‘FREE Consultation’ on the form below and you will be able to book in for a chat about your project.

You will need to supply all content for your web pages:

  • The font, colour and styling
  • Your logo
  • Headlines and copy
  • Images
  • Icons

We are happy to quote on assisting with any of the above. If you require this, please let us know in your consultation with our design expert.

Your website will contain your copy and images. It will use your branding; font, colours and styles.

You will be allocated a design meeting to go over these things if you require it. 

Our Websites Made Easy are intended to be a brochure website, a blog, or ecommerce, or any number of combinations.

If you require more complex functionality, please select the ‘Bespoke’ option below and we can discuss your requirements in more details.

However, we are happy to embed your third-party application such as your appointment scheduler such as Calendly etc.

We can connect to the following email CRMs free of charge:
ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, Drip, GetResponse, MailChimp or MailerLite.
For all other CRMs there may be an additional fee, please contact us for details.

So we can fulfil our pledge to deliver websites in a cost effective and timely manner, we restrict the page sizes within our Websites Made Easy range to be limited to six sections per page (omitting the top navigation or the bottom footer). Six sections is often more than enough for most web page applications. To see what a section is, please refer to this page.

The most powerful thing about Wordpress is that it is fully expandable and will grow with your business.

If your require extra functionality in the future, no problem.

With WordPress, you wont be rebuilding later on if your needs change.

All Websites Made Easy pages have a limit of six separate sections. This is purely so that we can provide your website within the allocated time and with the excellence you expect from an experience web developer. 

If you want to add extra sections, you can do this after handover using the intuitive page builder that will be installed on your website. We will even training you how to do this. 

Please Note: a page containing six sections is fairly typical.

Of course! This is one of the advantages of choosing us to build your site. You own it, it’s yours to do with it what you like and have whoever you like to maintain it. 

You website is delivered unlocked with full admin privileges – it is your website after all. You can create new pages, install software and make as many changes as you wish.

There is an industry-standard intuitive page builder installed on all of your website pages, making page editing a breeze. A one hour training session is included with all our our websites with a qualified trainer.

You can edit the existing content, create new pages and totally change the layout of each page should you ever need a refresh.

We aim to deliver a 5 page website using “pick n mix” in just 48 hours after we have received the final piece of content from you.

Add an extra 24 hours if you would like a blog added and and extra 72 hours for ecommerce.

Any extra pages that require additional time, we aim to complete the website build in two weeks, after we have received the final piece of content from you.

You will receive a schedule of works that outlines timelines so we all have something to work towards. 

From us, no. 

There will be some ongoing costs with any website. This is often the bit that other web development companies don’t tell you about until it’s too late. Even a free Wix site can end up costing you a lot more than you anticipate. 

A self-hosted WordPress website (which these websites are) will require a domain name, a web hosting account (this is a place on the internet that your website files will be located) and licences for the software your specific pages need.

Our Websites Made Easy come delivered with all software fully licensed for the first 12 months. This is currently valued at $59USD yearly. If you request extra functionality there may be additional costs but we will nominate what these are in your additional quote.

We offer website hosting as a part of your options and, of course, you are free to arrange your own.

You are required to have your own domain name.

After you have completed your order you will be introduced to the team and directed to make an appointment for a consultation to discuss your design and where we will go over the finer details of your project.

Order now and pay a 25% deposit to secure your place