5 Ways That a Web Developer Can Rip You Off Without You Knowing

Creating a website can be fraught with technicalities. As people who put these platforms together, we understand that in most cases the client doesn’t understand what is involved and that there must be a large level of trust so that we may guide them appropriately. However, the more unscrupulous web developers can use this to […]

The Overlooked Importance of Client Consistency

When asking other website developers what their biggest bugbear is when working with clients, the answer is always the same. This answer is also a direct reflection of our own experience and it is that of client consistency. Creating a website from scratch is one of those undertakings that utilises both hemispheres of the brain. […]

All About Plugins

We are going to chat about WordPress plugins. What they are, and the benefits and pitfalls of having them. If you run your own WordPress website then more likely than not you will be running just a few plugins. But what exactly is a plugin and how do they work? For the uninitiated, a plugin […]

Which Website Platform Should You Choose?

If you are considering building a website, the main question that you will most likely ask yourself is which platform to build it on? If you have not researched this far yet, then you may be surprised to know that this is not a simple decision. There are a lot of different platforms to choose […]

10 Important Questions to Ask Your Web Developer

When you are considering hiring a web developer, it is important to understand if they are a good fit for your project, your expectations, and just as importantly, for you. We have put together this list of essential questions to ask a potential developer so you can make a better informed decision and so you […]