Optimising a Sales Funnel

Sales funnels are a powerful method of creating awareness of your product or service, to capture new contacts and more importantly, to make sales. To have a focused, targeted and well performing sales funnel is one of the best marketing tools in this social media dependant world. However, we have come across many people over […]

What is a Sales Funnel?

Whether you have a website or not, if you are looking online to drive potential customers to your product or service, more than likely you will need a sales funnel. It matters not if your final sale is made online or offline, such as a brick-and-mortar store, to drive traffic to it, from say, your […]

The Importance of Defining Your Niche

Actually knowing what niche, topic or area of expertise you are in may seem obvious, but defining your niche clearly will help with your marketing efforts. A niche is what area of a market you occupy within your wider industry and the tighter you can make your niche the better your results will be. Rather […]

Understand Your Customer Avatar

Understanding your avatar is an extension of defining your niche. Your avatar, also known as a customer profile, is the specific person who you will market to, within your niche. You could have the greatest product on earth and occupy the tightest niche, but if you’re trying to sell it to the wrong person then […]

Create Branding That Matters

Do not underestimate how important having a great brand can be. It is the first thing that people notice about you and it should invoke positive emotions relevant to what you want to portray. Your entire business presence will be created around it. Crafting a good brand is a balance between niche and avatar and […]

Common Misconceptions With SEO

Having a good search engine strategy can be extremely important for some businesses and not so much for others. It can take a lot of constant work to rank highly on the search engines depending on how popular, or competitive, your keywords are. Paid advertising may be an option for you. This will place your […]

Why Not Allowing Your Customers to Purchase is so Powerful

The master of the scarcity technique is Rolex. Within horology, Rolex never used to be the number one mid-tier watch brand, that mantle used to belong to Omega, since their inception in 1848. However, during an upheaval in the watchmaking industry in the 1970s Rolex overtook Omega and Omega has struggled to regain the crown […]

Social Media vrs Search Engine Mindsets

How you are presenting your business and the way you are advertising should be dependent on where you are showing up to your potential customers. There is a distinct difference between the mindset of users when they are on social media platforms versus when they are using search engines, and you should adjust your advertising […]

Give Your Best Information Away For Free

If there is one recurring conversation that we have with clients, it is trying to explain why they should give away their best information for free. We get it. This concept seems counterintuitive. If your business is information based, such as offering online courses, then it makes sense in your advertising, social media posts, blog […]