About Us

About us

Who are we?

Digital Startup Solutions was created to provide a service that is easy from the get-go for those that are new to the game or just don’t have the time, inclination, or want to undertake the learning curve involved in creating a successful online presence.

DSS also aims to address the pain points and issues that clients have with digital services today, taking the mystery and unknown out of an essential part of any business.

With the industry largely unregulated, it is rife with hype and unrealistic promises that make almost everyone think their idea is “amazing” with a get-rich-quick promise, with no real attention on your actual business.

At Digital Startup Solutions, we still think you are “amazing” but we are here to give you the correct information without any unnecessary hype and huge price tag. 

Matt and Linke joined forces to create a holistic business for clients that combines 25+ years of experience, the wins and the losses, the successes, and the failures.

It’s a no-bull approach, with sensible and realistic outcomes. They combined this with the encouragement and support that the clients need to get to the finished product.

Matt having worked as a website developer for over 18 years, has identified the issues clients have and has formulated solutions that are realistic and achievable.

He has seen first-hand his many clients come from online marketers and coaches who charge a small fortune, promise the world but then send the client away before they are ready to then build the campaigns themselves (think of being taught a new skill in theory only and then told to go out into the world and put it all into action.

Welcome to overwhelm central)
Matt has calmed the nerves of clients feeling frustrated and stuck, unsure of which way to go next to implement the strategies the coach left them with.

Matt has a knack for explaining things in a way that is easy to understand, makes it make sense, and has a purpose for the client.

No mumbo jumbo, he will stick with you until you get it.

Matt offers one-to-one training as well as group workshops, explaining the basics to the more complicated, empowering the client to do it themselves or just have a better understanding of their online business back end.

Linke has had a varied career, but her love has always been in design and writing.

With extensive experience in design, website development, social media, copywriting/editing, and business document creation, Linke has a natural flair for communication, as well as an extensive project management history and experience in Human Resources.

Linke is available to our clients to discuss their design needs, copy, and content but she also understands that the client has a role to play in the development of the online presence so she will encourage and keep everyone on track to meet a deadline.

Her goal is an effortless flow for everyone involved in the projects, with outstanding design and copy, you will find Linke a professional with a smile.

Matt and Linke live in the beautiful Northern Rivers of NSW, and they have a complementary skill set that is unlike many other businesses, meaning no cheap subcontracting overseas.

Working together, each bringing their own strengths to the business, Matt and Linke cover all aspects of what is required to create a modern online presence and digital marketing campaign, from strategy and technical through to social media and sponsored ads.

If you are looking for cute, they have just employed an office dog in the form of Louis, King Charles Cavalier.

He is available for rockstar appearances (often at Bunnings) and social media-influencing gigs. (Really you will find him under the desk chewing our shoes).

Matt and Linke aim to make it effortless and easy!

Which platforms we use


We always use trusted, well supported and industry standard platforms

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