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We are in the business of getting our clients ONLINE AND IN FRONT OF THEIR CUSTOMERS

and have been for a long time

To thrive online you need more than a website – you need marketing, you need social media presence, you need website maintenance, you need hosting, you need someone to rely on when things aren’t working, you need effective administration, and you need a plan – a unique approach that is tailored to you and your business.

Cue Digital Startup Solutions! We have been in the industry since the turn of the century and we know the pit falls, the trends, the real costs and what it takes for you to get to where you need to be. We are local and committed, we don’t send work overseas. This is our full-time gig so we meet our timelines, but we do it without the hype of over-promising that is all too common today. Look at us as part of your team, a long-term engagement if needed, someone reliably at the end of your email requests and we provide excellent after sales service, with no lock in contracts!

Talk to us with our FREE 30-minute consult and let us see if together we can make your thoughts a reality.

We have a creative and technically minded team that offers:

Handling the tech so you can focus on
the things that matter

At Digital Startup Solutions we also believe the fit between client and expert is essential. No fuss, no fake hype, no over-promising, we just share a common goal of getting you where you want to be.

If this is what your business is lacking, then we would love to chat and see what we can do to help your thoughts become a reality. You can book a time on our calendar here, the first 30 minutes are free, no strings attached!

If you have further questions, speak to Us

Why choose Wordpress with WooCommerce?

Because we believe in building a website only once!

Unlike other website platforms such as Wix or Squarespace, Wordpress doesn’t have limitations as to what you can do with it, avoiding issues and frustrations later on.

All our websites are created on WordPress because it can expand and grow with your business, and isn’t that the goal? Growth and expansion! Wordpress can also be hosted where you choose and you aren’t locked into a subscription.

  • Need a high-functioning online store? No problem.
  • Need to offer online courses? Simple.
  • What about events, booking and ticketing systems? Too Easy.

Because a WordPress website will scale with your business, you won’t have to rebuild everything later on should you need to add elements or functionality that other website platforms simply do not support.

This is why almost half (43.2%) of websites on the internet are created with WordPress.

Woccomerce is a free e-commerce solution and as it is created by the same people who make WordPress, it intigrates seemlessly.


Which platforms we use


We always use trusted, well supported and industry standard platforms


Collectively we are web developers, designers, copywriters, coaches, project managers, people people, marketers and team players. Over the years the majority of our work has come from word of mouth, recommendations and repeat clients.

Digital Startup Solutions teams with you, your business, your product or service. We use our skills with yours, to create a winning combination.

We will do as much as required to move you through the stages of getting online and we will hold your hand through the process if needed.

Learn more about our packages here.

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